Robotic Pigeon by 7percent Ventures

7percent is a founder-led fund, investing in early stage deeptech across the UK, Europe and US.

Frontiers, to us, are defined by technical challenges that, if solved, offer huge and commercial nascent markets. This could be in anything from next generation quantum computing to the new space economy.

We’ve made >100 investments to date in the sector, often with a first check in. Notable past investments: Oculus VR (sold to Facebook), SourceDNA (sold to Apple), Magic Pony Technology (sold to Twitter), Blue Vision Labs (sold to Lyft), Gensyn, and Universal Quantum.

We have launched our Frontiers newsletter in December 2023 to shine a light on these emerging sectors and technologies, and to share great content we find from others and news of our startups, including SPVs. Subscribe to get full access.

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